We've just released the digital Acting Editions and made applications available for Beaufield Berry's stellar new play, IN THE UPPER ROOM, and Jacqueline Goldfinger's CLICK. As you open your stage to cutting-edge new titles that will take your theatre's mission to everyone in your community, these two new plays can spark vibrant conversations and stand alone for their pure entertainment value... [MORE]

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Whether you’re looking for stories that speak to today’s issues, like SANCTUARY CITY, AMERICA IN ONE ROOM and SELLING KABUL; or storieswith BIPOC or LGBTQ+ themes like BARBECUE, RED BIKE, FAIRYCAKES, THE BINDING and SENSITIVE GUYS; or adaptations of classic stories from EMMA and DRACULA to Sherlock Holmes and Chekhov; our TRW Plays catalog has the perfect choice. Turn the pages and you’ll find exactly what you need.



Questions and Answers with our TRW writers

TRW Plays Q & A with Jones Hope Wooten!

The trio of writers share their story with TRW Plays

by Katie Stottlemire

Jones Hope Wooten, also known as “America’s Playwrights,” is a writing trio you definitely know and love. Their hilarious comedies have had thousands of productions across the world and in all fifty states. Their amazing and popular work doesn’t stop at the theatre—it begins there. As writers of TV shows, sitcoms, and feature films, Jones Hope Wooten has [READ]

Stacie Lents, author of COLLEGE COLORS, spent some time (in the middle of tech week!) with TRW discussing her thought-provoking play about friendship and change.

by Katie Stottlemire

KATIE STOTTLEMIRE: Your play COLLEGE COLORS is set in the same room for the entire play but highlights two pairs of roommates that lived there seventy years apart from each other. How did you come to create these specific characters and their relationships?

STACIE LENTS: I knew that I wanted to explore the questions of what has changed for us as a society and for young adults over time—and what hasn’t changed. At its heart, this is a play about friendship and [READ]

Tyler Dwiggins writes about his most personal play yet, THE BINDING, in his essay about how he came to write this story and the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in theatre and film. He calls this play “The Gay Pixar Play”. Find out why...

TRWPlays author Tyler Dwiggins was kind enough to share some time with TRWPlays, with an exclusive essay.

The Gay Pixar Play 

By Tyler Dwiggins

“Do we really need another ‘coming out’ story?” This phrase gets thrown around more often than it should, and I’ve never understood it. We live in an entertainment ecosystem that can support six thousand superhero movies a year. Are there really that many “coming out” stories [READ]