Abby Rosebrock


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by Abby Rosebrock

Comedy/Drama, Full-length

Nora, a lovelorn musicologist with a drinking problem, schemes to steal the husband of a former Miss Idaho (runner-up). When the extramarital hijinks go brutally awry, Nora flees to the Rocky Mountains, tracks down her estranged mother’s partner, and weasels her way into their wholesome domestic existence. But in her bid for help, Nora risks losing the only family she’s ever had—this time, forever.

“DIDO careens from high-minded laughs to cutthroat rage to soft-edged dreamscape, with Rosebrock embracing feminism even as she skewers it. She takes the work of Virgil, spikes it with shards of Edward Albee, doses it with a shot of Tennessee Williams, then shifts that whole male canon of Western thinking into a female perspective. The result is a crash course in self-respect and surviving betrayal, be it romantic, familial, or self-inflicted. A strong debut.” 

—Stanford Friedman, Off Off Online


Cast of Characters

(4W, 1M)

NORA — Female, 32.5, adjunct musicologist at the University of Idaho

MICHAEL — Male, 40s, poet and English professor at the University of Idaho

JULIE — Female, 50s, Nora’s mother, former choir director from Georgia

ETHEL — Female, 50s, Julie’s companion, food service worker from Idaho

CRYSTAL — Female, 30, Michael’s wife, preschool teacher and former Miss Idaho contestant

Place: Moscow, Idaho.

Setting: A condo living room, a mountain cabin, and a hospital room

Time: Recently


Abby Rosebrock

Abby Rosebrock is a Brooklyn-based writer and actress from South Carolina. Her plays have been commissioned, developed and produced throughout New York City and across the country.[FULL BIO]