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Tour de force, one woman, instant box office smash from Mark St. Germain! This exciting new title from TRWPlays will be available soon. Click HERE for more info!


A brilliant new adaptation of ticket sales champion Jane Austen, from the master of the genre, Kate Hamill. This exciting new title from TRWPlays will be available soon. Click HERE for more info!


In post-9/11 Newark, NJ, two teenagers who were brought to America as children become one another’s sanctuaries from harsh circumstances. When G becomes naturalized, she and B hatch a plan to marry so that he may legally remain in the country and pursue the future he imagines for his life. But as time hurtles on and complications mount, the young friends find that this act challenges and fractures the closest relationship either has ever had. Martyna Majok's stunning new play is now available. Click HERE for more info!


With shattering precision, Sylvia Khoury’s tense drama traces the human cost of U.S. immigration policy and the legacy of our longest war. This exciting new title from TRWPlays will be available soon. Click HERE for more info!


80 minutes, Full-length

by Scott Organ

17 MINUTES is the length of time Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Rubens stood outside of a school while a shooter was inside. The play 17 Minutes explores the communal and residual effects of a shooting through Andy, a man who struggles with his own complicity in the tragedy, and who seeks meaning in the wake of the shooting.


Full-length Dark Comedy-Drama

From sensational playwright Beaufield Berry comes IN THE UPPER ROOM. Meet the Berrys, a multi-generational Black family living under one roof in the 1970s. Their lives orbit around Rose, a strong-willed matriarch whose superstitions and secrets drive her relatives nuts. Through pointed wit and playful sarcasm, the family elders share fantastical stories about their collective past that call into question the family hierarchy and inspire the youngest generation to take pride in their heritage... [MORE]


​In EIGHT TALES OF PEDRO, two sets of storytellers, some now and some in 17th century Mexico, cross a country - risking everything for a new life. As they tell their tales, their lives and plots combine and intertwine into the same conclusion.

This brilliant new play is from author Mark-Eugene Garcia, with music by Luis D’Elias

Three New Sherlock Holmes Adventures from David MacGregor

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine, by David MacGregor, is part of a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes plays, with each play intended to stand entirely on its own. Each play features the same four fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, and Marie Chartier), but two different historical characters. In terms of chronology, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear takes place in 1888, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Fallen Soufflé occurs in 1897, and Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Ghost Machine takes place in 1905.

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JONES HOPE WOOTEN Comedies Wrap Run at Theatre Tallahassee!

We're excited to welcome America's favorite comedy-writing trio, JONES HOPE WOOTEN to TRWPlays! The show's Acting Edition and homepage will be available soon. Meantime, check out the show's page from the recent run HERE.