Reina Hardy


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Dark Comedy-Fantasy


by Reina Hardy

Beauty never showed up. After centuries under the curse, the Beast and his one remaining magical servant have moved into a shabby apartment near a 7-11, hoping for a lower cost of living and better luck with girls. Their building manager, a fellow immigrant with a taste for gingerbread and children, offers help in navigating this threatening, impossible, completely mundane world, but all her gifts come with a price. When an eligible maiden moves into the second floor apartment, the servant (a relentlessly cheery lamp) colludes with the landlady to kidnap the girl. The servant finds herself assimilating the girl’s identity, her name, and bookstore job. As she becomes increasingly human, and the Beast becomes increasingly lost, she discovers what– and who– must be sacrificed for an ordinary life.

Production Notes:


Only: Female, intermediate age, spry. A lamp.

The Beast: Male, intermediate age. A beast, you know?

The Witch: Female, older, smooth motherly air.

Aiofe: Female, mid-twenties.

SETTING: A low-rent apartment on the north side of Chicago. Nowhere else.

Photo from the Know Theatre (credit: Mikki Schaffner)


Reina Hardy

Reina Hardy's plays, which usually contain magic and sometimes contain science, have been produced across the United States, and in England and Australia. They include “Changelings,” “Fanatical,” “Stargazers,” and “Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven.” Reina holds a Michener Fellowship in Playwriting and Screenwriting from UT Austin, has appeared on the Kilroy’s List, and is the winner of the Kennedy Center ACTF TYA Prize. Theatrical representation: Susan Gurman. TV/Film: Verve and Arlook. For more information, please see... [FULL BIO]