Liz Duffy Adams

WET or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes

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WET or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes

by Liz Duffy Adams

Full-length Dramedy

Four survivors of a storm-sunken pirate ship—the legendary Isabella, Neptune’s bastard daughter; pirates Jenny (a runaway whore) and Sally (an electrified girl); and the Viscountess Marlene (a drag queen)—seize a half-wrecked ship crewed only by Captain Joppa and two sailors, young Jack and ex-slave Horatio. Joppa is determined to get back to the war. Isabella has other plans. Amidst time lurches, shifting loyalties, hearts lost and secrets revealed, the seven souls find themselves without wind or current on a slowly sinking ship, until an unexpected event offers either hope or doom.

Production Notes

Cast of Characters (3W, 4M)

ISABELLA: Pirate Queen

JENNY: Woman, Isabella’s right arm     

SALLY: Young woman


HORATIO: Man, Black

CAPTAIN JOPPA: Man, white                                   

JACK: Young man

Setting: The middle of the ocean, some other time. First and briefly, a life boat. After that and for the rest of the play, the deck of a sailing ship that has been through battle, wreck, and storm.

“Adams’ writing is lyrical and circuitous, with an almost Shakespearean weight to it... [WET] showcases her sly, literary sense of humor.” —

“The play is by turns a funny, poignant, angry, searching, yearning glimpse of a ship of disparate souls in search of their destination and destinies.” —


Liz Duffy Adams

Liz Duffy Adams’ play Born With Teeth, recipient of a 2021 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award, had its world premiere at the Alley Theater in 2022. Her Or, premiered Off Broadway at WP Theater and has been produced some 80 times since, including at the Magic Theater, Seattle Rep, and Roundhouse Theatre. Her work has also premiered or been developed at Contemporary American Theater Festival, Humana Festival, Bay Area Theater Festival, Portland Center Stage, Syracuse Stage, Greater Boston Theater Company, New Georges, Clubbed Thumb, Crowded Fire, Shotgun Players, and Cutting Ball, and includes Dog Act; The Salonnières; Dear Alien; A Discourse on Wonders of the...[FULL BIO]