Randall Sharp


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By Randall Sharp

Based on the novel by Henry James


Catherine, a wealthy young woman, was raised by father dead to love. Surrounded by a society and family who perceive her as plain and soft-spoken, Catherine remains optimistic. When a mysterious suitor makes a bid for her heart, she’s torn between her instincts and the warnings of her cruel father. Set in a fashionable New York of the late 19th century, Sharp’s interpretation strips away all of the excesses to focus on Catherine becoming her own person. This sparse, actor-focused design heightens the psychological underpinnings of the story, building tension as the play hurtles towards its inevitable conclusion.

Production Information

Cast of Characters

(2W, 2M)

Dr. Austin Sloper — 50s

Ms. Catherine Sloper — 20s, daughter to Dr. Sloper

Mr. Morris Townsend — late 20s – early 30s

Mrs. Lavinia Penniman — 50s, widow, sister to Dr. Sloper, aunt to Catherine

Place: The Sloper townhouse on Washington Square, New York City

Time: 1840

(Photo by Regina Betancourt)


Randall Sharp

Randall Sharp is Axis Theatre Company’s founder and Artistic Director. Her plays include WORLD’S FAIR INN, DEAD END, the Drama Desk Award-nominated LAST MAN CLUB, NOTHING ON EARTH, and SEVEN IN ONE BLOW. Sharp also co-wrote the musicals EVENING—1910 and SOLITARY LIGHT with Paul Carbonara, and directed Edgar Oliver’s Victor and New York Trilogy. She wrote and directed the film Henry May Long, winner of 13 international awards, and is the host of the YouTube cooking show Dinner Party Tonight...[FULL BIO]