Comedy, One-act

It’s vampires vs. teenagers in this epic battle to stop graduation from turning into a bloodbath. Caitlin’s really, really smart and is class valedictorian. But she’s also been acting really, really weird lately. So weird that Carly thinks she’s a vampire. And not a friendly, high school vampire who just likes to sleep in, but the kind that wants to destroy all her classmates and turn them into an army of her undead minions. Can Carly and her friends stop Caitlin before graduation night?

Or will they be doomed to live for eternity without a high school diploma?

Production Notes


7F/5M with gender flexibility and expandable ensemble


Michael Griffo

Michael Griffo has written 11 novels and over 25 plays and screenplays. His debut novel, Between Boyfriends, was published by Kensington Books in 2010, and was followed by a novella, Missed Connections, in the anthology Remembering Christmas, both written under the pseudonym Michael Salvatore. Under his given name, Griffo has published two young-adult supernatural trilogies within the KTeen imprint of Kensington Books. The Archangel Academy series is comprised of Unnatural, Unwelcome, and Unafraid and tells the love story of gay teenagers Michael Howard and hybrid-vampire Ronan Glynn-Rowley... [FULL BIO]