Audrey Cefaly


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THE LAST WIDE OPEN     A Love Song in Three Movements

book and lyrics by
Audrey Cefaly

music by
Matthew M. Nielson

Comedy-Drama, Full-length

Lina and Roberto’s lives intersect and parallel as three alternate realities unfold. The play renders the near hits and near misses that are the realities of this worn-out waitress and immigrant dishwasher as well as the mystical ways the universe conspires to bring us all together.

Production Info

Cast of Characters
(1W, 1M, 1 Any)

ROBERTO — a poet, an immigrant (see casting note), agreeable,
earnest, gentle, passionate, warm, generous, highly intuitive, ever the
optimist, also:
Movement 1: a long-time dishwasher at Frankie’s
Movement 2: a new bus boy at Frankie’s
Movement 3: a teacher

LINA — a dreamer, emotional, cynical, frequently despondent (in the way people get when they’ve been beaten down by life), also:
Movement 1: a long-time waitress at Frankie’s
Movement 2: a part-time waitress at Frankie’s
Movement 3: a nurse

STAGEHAND — a non-speaking part which should be “performed”
by the actual stagehand of the production. There exists in this world
a magical elf (part butler, part sommelier, part nursemaid) with
impeccable timing and exquisite taste, always and most honorably in
the service of the players.

Place: Frankie’s (a Trattoria)
Time: May 5th. Midnight. Present Day.

All three variations occur at the same time and location.

Book & Lyrics:

Audrey Cefaly

Audrey Cefaly is an alumna of the Playwrights' Arena cohort at Arena Stage, a recipient of the Walter E. Dakin Fellowship from the Sewanee Writers Conference, and a Dramatist Guild Foundation Traveling Master. She is published by Concord Theatricals, Smith & Kraus, and Applause Books. Cefaly's plays have been produced by Cincinnati Playhouse, Florida Studio... [FULL BIO]


Matthew M. Nielson

Based in the Washington, DC Area, Matthew M. Nielson is a producer, composer, songwriter, sound designer, recording engineer, audio post production engineer, and orchestrater for Film, TV, Theater, Radio, Web, and Music... [FULL BIO]