Audrey Cefaly


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by Audrey Cefaly

Drama, Full-length

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD is a patchwork play that attempts to explore and consider all the ways that we get lost in the world. It is a collection of intertwining, pathos-rich character studies in the form of scenes and monologues, all traversing the landscape of the human condition—love, desire, ache, longing, disillusionment, loneliness—and the power of human connection. Every character is experiencing something of an existential tipping point. A beautiful, meaningful piece of theater that will leave its audience touched and then moved by its sublime reach.

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD features a large, flexible cast size, a modular scene flow and design, deep character work, LGBTQ representation, at least two roles specifically for people of color, the opportunity to collaborate directly with the playwright for tailoring, and is uniquely suited to the complex needs of schools and colleges.


Cast of Characters (8-30 Actors, Flexible/Doubling)

The genders are not fixed, do what works for you.


“An evening of disparate characters entangled in high-stakes moments of self-doubt—some trivial, most life-threatening, some bordering on life ending. Audrey Cefaly (Maytag Virgin, The Gulf, Alabaster, Trouble) has an intimate understanding of human suffering and examines the ache of life in these tender stories with the most ordinary of characters.”—Jack Cannon, Professor of Theatre, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Audrey Cefaly

Audrey Cefaly is an alumna of the Playwrights' Arena cohort at Arena Stage, a recipient of the Walter E. Dakin Fellowship from the Sewanee Writers Conference, and a Dramatist Guild Foundation Traveling Master. She is published by Concord Theatricals, Smith & Kraus, and Applause Books. Cefaly's plays have been produced by Cincinnati Playhouse, Florida Studio... [FULL BIO]