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by Eric Reyes Loo

Malcolm's presentation of a new tasting menu leads to a personal—and very public—debate about cultural appropriation and stolen family recipes when his ex, Paul, shows up to call him out.

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Production Notes


MALCOLM: late 20s / early 30s—or at least wants you to think so. Hipster. Gourmand.PAUL: late 20s / early 30s—actually. Rabble-rouser. Mexican-American.SettingA hipster dive bar in Downtown Los Angeles.


Eric Reyes Loo

Eric Reyes Loo is a Los Angeles-based playwright and television writer. Most recently, he wrote on the Netflix series A.J. and the Queen. He’s also part of the Producing Artistic Circle at Chalk Repertory Theatre, which specializes in site-specific and immersive work. His plays have been produced and developed at theatres all over the.... [FULL BIO]