Lila Rose Kaplan


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Dark Comedy, 60-70 minutes

12 Princesses sneak out to a Ball every night. Or so they say. You see, their father locks them in the palace. Some say he’s overprotective, others say he’s evil. Either way, 12 young women are trapped. And where is their Mother, you might wonder? Oh, their Mother is a dying tree and their aunt a moody river.

But these are 12 most unusual young women. These are fierce Princesses unlike any you’ve met before. Can they free themselves? What will it take?

SMALL ENCHANTMENTS is an apocalyptic fairy tale for our times.



1 - DOROTHY - the eldest, 2 - SYLVIA - the dancer, 3 - AGATHA - the assassin, 4 - HARPER - the guard, 5 - FRANKIE - the trickster, 6 - MARGO - the baker, 7 - AMY - the songwriter, 8 - BRIDGETTE - the travel agent, 9 - NAN - the student, 10 - GISELLE - the rider, 11 - ELEANOR - the shopkeeper, 12 - PIPPA - the youngest

Casting Note - "I wrote this play with the intent to include. Help me redefine who gets to be a Princess. Please invite a myriad of skin colors, body shapes, and genders to participate." -Lila Rose

Place: the palace, the forest, the ball, the city

Time: a long time ago. Also, now.

Image: Westmont Theater Arts Department production, 2020


Lila Rose Kaplan

Lila Rose Kaplan’s plays shine light on the stories we don’t tell about women. Her heroines live in heartfelt zany comedies, bittersweet comic dramas, and imaginative musicals for young audiences. Her full length plays include: The Villains’ Supper Club , We All Fall Down, The Magician’s Daughter, Home of the Brave, 1 2 3 - a play about abandonment and ballroom dancing, 100 Planes, Wildflower, Entangled, Bureau of Missing Persons, and Biography of a Constellation. Her musicals for young audiences include: The Light Princess, The Pirate Princess, and The Magic Fish. Productions include: American Repertory Theatre, Second Stage Theatre, South Coast Repertory Theatre, New Victory Theatre, The Old Vic, Merrimack Repertory Theatre... [FULL BIO]