Stan Zimmerman and James Berg


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by James Berg & Stan Zimmerman

SILVER FOXES is a contemporary comedy taking place in a time worn but iconic mid-century Palm Springs home. The plot revolves around Chuck and Benny, two 60ish gay men, now ex-lovers, still figuring out their post-relationship relationship. While their buddy Jerry’s much younger lover is in town, they discover their oldest and dearest friend, Cecil, has been forced back into the closet while living in a homophobic independent living facility. This “chosen family” is forced to take charge of Cecil’s future in order to help him live out his life with pride and dignity. Thematically the play explores gentrification, home and body maintenance, and the realities of growing older at all ages in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Silver Foxes has big laughs and big heart. Comical and moving.”
—Doug Sturdivant, DFW Center Stage

“A joke-packed dramedy. We mostly laugh, but Silver Foxes lands some hard punches.”
—Martha Heimberg, Onstage NTX

“Hilarious. Witty. This show is full of heart – it’s about love and friendship, aging and loss, and figuring out what your place is in this crazy world. The relationships are believable, raw, and honest. There are laughs galore, but you may find tears, too. And, occasionally, a little throwback to the Golden Girls.”
—Sarah Jones, Dallas Theatre Journal

“A hilarious and poignant romp. Funny and sassy. What was most evident was the love Zimmerman & Berg have for these characters.”
—Rich Lopez, Dallas Voice

Production Notes:

Cast of Characters
(1W, 4M)
CHUCK - 60ish, retired army officer, masculine type with fussy OCD
BENNY - 60ish, ex-politico with a big heart and a short fuse
*NIKA - 30ish, smart, stylish woman with a blunt haircut
THE TWINK - 20’s-30’s, shallow, vain gym bunny
CECIL - 60’s-70’s, effeminate man who’s always the life of the party
*TRISH - 30ish, Nika’s wife, smart, stylish with a blunt haircut
*MISS SWENSON - 40ish, no nonsense, puritanical woman
*HELENE - 50ish, voluptuous, tipsy neighbor
*30ISH PREPPY MAN - in tennis whites and headband
*60ISH BEAR TYPE - party guest with muscles, paunch and
bar moustache
*JERRY - a voice on the phone, pre-recorded
*The seven starred roles and all played by the same female actor

Place: Palm Springs, CA
Time: Present


Stan Zimmerman has been preparing for a career in entertainment since the age of 10, when he created his very own television network in his bedroom (counter programming, t.v. grid, advertising, you name it) in Southfield, Michigan. He even penned a monthly TV column for his junior high school newspaper.

After attending Cranbrook Summer Theatre School for five seasons and Hampton Playhouse for two, Stan headed to New York to get his BFA at NYU/Circle-in-the-Square drama program. He appeared on Broadway dancing behind Rudolph Nureyev and the Joffrey Ballet in... [FULL BIO]

James Berg is an American television producer and writer. He has written for many television series including The Golden Girls, Roseanne and Gilmore Girls and the 1996 feature film A Very Brady Sequel. He has frequently collaborated with fellow producer... [FULL BIO]

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