Mark St. Germain


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by Mark St. Germain

Full-length Comedy

When a neurotic, amateur actress leads her community college class of terrified adults to compete in their county’s First Annual Public Speaking Competition, their cross-currents, tongue-tied quirks and foibles escalate as the pressure builds.

“The fear of public speaking is, for most people, greater than the fear of death. As such, this fear is a topic that is a great subject for comedy, as demonstrated by Mark St. Germain’s new play PUBLIC SPEAKING 101.”
—Berkshire Onstage.

“St. Germain has written this play for its humor in reality and gets it absolutely right. A new comedy is a good thing to have.”
—The Berkshire Edge.

Production Notes:

Cast of Characters
(2W, 3M)
SGT. MIKE GALLION — Crocus Police Lieutenant. A big personality except in front of a crowd.
MILLIE HARROW — Afraid to take over running her family’s funeral home. She’s more comfortable talking to the dead than the living.
REVEREND MONTAVIUS LESTER — Pastor at Mount Calgary who delivers his best sermons to an empty church.
SUNNY STRUTT — First-time teacher. Community theater actress in the process of divorce.

FLETCHER TUFT — Dispassionate writer for Rock Magazine.


Crocus County Community College


The Present


Mark St. Germain

..Mark has written the plays FREUD’S LAST SESSION (Off Broadway Alliance Award), CAMPING WITH HENRY AND TOM (Outer Critics Circle Award and Lucille Lortel Award) FORGIVING TYPHOID MARY, (Time Magazine’s “Year’s Ten Best”) and BECOMING DR. RUTH, the story of...[FULL BIO]