Anna Ouyang Moench


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Full-length, Dark Comedy

By Anna Ouyang Moench

During a mission trip to Bangkok, a Korean Christian girls’ youth group discover that their revered pastor has hidden a camera in their hotel bathroom. Their communal rage and disillusionment fuel increasingly violent revenge fantasies amidst the no-holds-barred neon bubblegum sex-tourism mecca of Bangkok. MAN OF GOD is a funny feminist thriller about that moment when girls realize the male gaze has been watching all along—and decide they’re definitely gonna do something about it.

“With MAN OF GOD, Moench has taken a simple situation, four independent-minded characters and an abundance of wit and crafted a show that restores your faith in theater.”

“Funny, creepy and unflinchingly observed”
—The Los Angeles Times

“MAN OF GOD is an extraordinary and important piece of storytelling.”

Cast of Characters
(4W, 1M)*
*Everyone is Korean American.
SAMANTHA — 15, she’s here because she’s always been in the youth
KYUNG-HWA — 15, she’s here because she is obsessed with Jesus and
really wants to save people. Kyung-Hwa never cries.
MIMI — 16, she’s here because her mom gave her the choice between
this and Korean math school.
JEN — 16, she’s here because this will look good on college apps.
PASTOR — 40s, a tall man, we never see his face until we do.

A mid-range Bangkok hotel room. Two double beds. A bathroom. A mini-fridge. Lamps and a hotel phone on the nightstands. Four suitcases open on the floor by the walls, in various states of disarray. A number of personal items (phone chargers, retainers, etc.) scattered around the room.



Anna Ouyang Moench

Anna Ouyang Moench is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. Her plays have been produced at Williamstown Theatre Festival, NAATCO/The Public Theater, the Geffen Playhouse, the Playwrights Realm, East West Players, InterAct Theater, Theater Mu, and many other theaters across the country and around the world.

In television and film, Anna has worked with Apple TV+, HBO, A24, 3000 Pictures, Netflix, Fifth Season, UCP, eOne, PictureStart, and Universal. She is a Supervising Producer on Severance and a Co-Executive Producer on The White Darkness, both on Apple TV+. Anna was a member of the pilot cohort of the WarnerMedia Access Showrunner Program.

Anna lives in Los Angeles with her family.