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adapted from Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Williamson

“Women feel just as men feel. They need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts, as much as their brothers do.”
Charlotte Brontë’s timeless romance, JANE EYRE, is a Gothic story of resilience, in which a penniless orphan is determined to craft a fulfilling life for herself, against all odds. When Jane is hired as a governess at Thornfield Hall, she falls passionately in love with her brooding employer, only to discover that he—and his home—are surrounded by dark secrets. When the secrets are revealed, how will Jane preserve her chances for happiness?

“[A] smart and poignant version of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. …The amazing accomplishment that this play achieves [is by] turning a long, detailed and sometimes dry read that may be dated to some contemporary readers into a model of dramatic efficiency. ...Williamson’s adaptation is an object lesson in doing so: She chooses so carefully what to include that no one can miss how radical this novel was when Bronte wrote it. When Jane exclaims ‘I wanted change!’ we understand why, as her traumatic upbringing makes that completely understandable.”

—The Houston Chronicle
“Elizabeth Williamson has taken a dense and complex tale and extracted the heart of the story in a way that is captivating and entertaining at the same time.”
—Broadway World
“Williamson’s adaptation is faithful to the original novel, and her direction is flawless.”

The Westfield News


Cast of Characters
(4W, 3M, 1 Child)*
Jane Eyre
Edward Fairfax Rochester
Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper at Thornfield
Adèle Varens, Rochester’s ward
John, a servant at Thornfield
Leah, a servant at Thornfield
Grace Poole, a mysterious upper servant at Thornfield
Blanche Ingram, the belle of society around Thornfield
Lady Ingram, Blanche’s mother
Mary Ingram, Blanche’s younger sister
Colonel Dent, a leader among the local gentry
Mr. Mason, a gentleman from the West Indies
Mr. Carter, the local surgeon near Thornfield
Bessie, the housemaid at Gateshead
Mrs. Reed, Jane’s aunt, at Gateshead
Child Jane
Mr. Wood, the rector at Thornfield
St John Rivers, a young clergyman
Diana Rivers, his sister
* The play was originally performed by a cast of 4 women, 3 men, and a child,
but may be expanded as needed.
Doubling Breakdown
W1 — Jane Eyre
W2 — Mrs. Reed/Mrs. Fairfax/Lady Ingram/Bertha
W3 — Bessie/Grace Poole/Blanche Ingram
W4 — Leah/Mary Ingram/Diana Rivers
M1 — Mr. Rochester
M2 — John/Colonel Dent/Mr. Carter/Priest
M3 — John Reed/Mr. Mason/St. John Rivers
CHILD — Child Jane/Adèle
Northern England


Elizabeth Williamson

Elizabeth Williamson is an Obie Award-winning director, producer, adaptor, and the artistic director of the Geva Theatre. She is known for her work developing and premiering new plays and musicals, which have won awards including the Olivier Award for Best Play, the Tony Awards for Best Musical and Best Play. She has worked on Broadway, in London’s West End, Off-Broadway, regionally and internationally. She also has extensive experience working on Shakespeare and the classics, including her own translations and adaptations of Charlotte Brontë and Marivaux....[FULL BIO]