David Overton


This great holiday play is now available for licensing worldwide.

Off-beat Comedy, Short Play

Thrice Upon a Midnight Clear gives audiences a peek into the unlikely—but hilarious—conversations of The Three Wise Men, The Three Wise Women, and The Three Not-So-Wise Shepherds in this traveling triptych as they follow the Star of Bethlehem contemplating its wonder, its mystery…and a good game of golf!

Production Notes


3 to 9 actors, any gender

Running time: 30-40 mins

Just In (March 1, 2023) David Overton's screenplay of this play is a 2023 SCREENCRAFT SHORT FILM SCREENPLAY COMPETITION QUARTERFINALIST! On to the next round! [MORE]


David Overton

A North Carolina native, David Overton is the founder and Artistic Director of Long Island Classics Stage Company in Centerport, New York where he primarily works with young actors on performing the works of Shakespeare and developing their transferable life skills for stellar social interaction. He has over 25 years experience teaching high school and college-aged students and is currently on faculty at New York City .... [FULL BIO]

Holiday Play!

Perfect for Your Holiday Show!

THRICE UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is ready for Holiday play! From the pen of David Overton, this hilarious take on the old tales of yore is an ideal audience-pleaser for your important holiday shows. Read the script now and you'll soon be adding it to your season's offerings with a sure-fire hit for your November to January slot !