Lila Rose Kaplan


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By Lila Rose Kaplan

Full-length Comic Drama

The magician Prospero and his daughter Miranda dazzle their audiences until the day Miranda quits. This funny, bittersweet play dives deep into the ups and downs of a father-daughter relationship. Viewer discretion advised if you have a father or a daughter (or know anyone who does).



Prospero - AMagician. AFather. An Opera of a Man. Smart. Sensitive. Turbulent. Lovable. Mid-Late 60s.

Miranda - His Daughter. Curious. Playful. Stronger than she Knows. Both Young and Old for her Age. She contains Great Humor and True Vulnerability. Late 20s.

A Note on Casting This Play:

This play is a parable about a daughter and her father. While this play began with my own white Jewish experience, Iwrote it with the hope of telling a more universal story. Also, to write something so personal, Ineeded to create a heightened reality different from my own. So! Please cast Miranda and Prospero with actors who are not white. And consider casting Miranda and Prospero with actors who are different races from each other.

The Magician’s Daughter received its world premiere on January 26, 2019 in a production by Geva Theatre Center, Rochester, New York (Mark Cuddy, Artistic Director, Christopher Manneilli, Executive Director).

The Magician’s Daughter was developed through the Huntington Playwriting Fellows Summer Workshop supported by the Stanford Calderwood Fund at The Huntington Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts, July 2016.


Lila Rose Kaplan

Lila Rose Kaplan’s plays shine light on the stories we don’t tell about women. Her heroines live in heartfelt zany comedies, bittersweet comic dramas, and imaginative musicals for young audiences. Her full length plays include: The Villains’ Supper Club , We All Fall Down, The Magician’s Daughter, Home of the Brave, 1 2 3 - a play about abandonment and ballroom dancing, 100 Planes, Wildflower, Entangled, Bureau of Missing Persons, and Biography of a Constellation. Her musicals for young audiences include: The Light Princess, The Pirate Princess, and The Magic Fish. Productions include: American Repertory Theatre, Second Stage Theatre, South Coast Repertory Theatre, New Victory Theatre, The Old Vic, Merrimack Repertory Theatre... [FULL BIO]