Sarah Bierstock


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by Sarah Bierstock

Grace is a teenage Spoken Word champion, but can’t seem to complete a simple poetry homework assignment. Accompanied by her piano playing, hip hop dancing and visual artist girlfriends, she designs a virtual land of her own, Grace’s Land 2.0, where they’re free of fixed identities, of the pandemic, of micromanaging parents, and the need to fit into the boxes assigned by others.

Production Notes

Character List


Ethnic Diversity encouraged/desired.

GRACE 14-18, Any race (but likely African American / Black), FemaleSick of being home with her smothering mom. She feels trapped physically and under the scrutiny and expectation of her family. Her intelligence is sometimes masked by her sensitivity and can appear reserved—until she starts rapping. She’s gifted at spoken word.

GRETA 14-18, Any Race/but likely Asian, a cis FemaleSuper smart, funny, problem solver. She’s a loyal friend, the class president with the mostest, ready to help and conquer the world. She’s a virtuoso pianist with a secret hand-washing OCD. Loves to sing and has a terrible voice.

JANA 14-18, Any, Non-binary (assigned female at birth)Pronounced Jan-uh, Fraternal twin sister to Dana, clever, tom-boyish girl with a fascination with transgenderism and lesbian tendencies. She is actively reshaping her ideas based on gender. A fierce hip-hop dancer.

DANA 14-18, Any, (assigned female at birth - plot relevant)Fraternal twin sister to Jana. A direct, no nonsense, unpretentious kind of gal. A great visual artist (draws really well).

Time: Present day

Place: North America


Sarah Bierstock

Sarah Bierstock has been nominated for the Blackburn Prize and Primus Prize and is a proud member of both the Playwrights Collective at Florida Studio Theater (FST) the Dorset Theatre Festival’s Women Artists Writing group (DTFWAW). She has received commissions from Center Stage (Baltimore), the Neo-Political Cowgirls, and FST for her play, Pandora’s Suitcase, which was featured at the Children’s Reading Series at The Boise Contemporary Theater (Boise, Idaho) and had its initial production at the Theater at Monmouth (Monmouth, ME.)

Her first play, Honor Killing, received initial development through the John Drew Theater Lab at Guild Hall (East Hampton). It went on to a world premiere that ran for eight weeks at Florida Studio Theatre (FST) to full capacity audiences. It received its second production at Athena Project in Denver, CO. Honor Killing was read at WAM Theater in West Stockbridge, CT, as part of the Fresh Takes Series. In 2017, it was one of three plays featured in the New Works Reading Series at the Athena Theater, FST’s Sarasota Festival of New Plays, and the PROJECT W Festival at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City (InProximity Theater). Sarah received the award for Runner up for The Woodward International Playwriting Prize at the University of New Hampshire earlier in 2017, where two readings of Honor Killing were conducted both at the University of New Hampshire and...[FULL BIO]