Phaedra Michelle Scott


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by Phaedra Michelle Scott

Good Hair follows three women through three different time periods, exploring the science of Black hair. Florence is a high schooler in 2017 whose hair is being questioned for its ‘professionalism’, Sarah Breedlove is on the cusp of a major discovery that can change Black women’s lives forever at the turn of the 20th century, and Eliza is a slave to the wealthy family who craves mobility from her current station. Ultimately, they each question themselves asking the question: does the cost of perceived beauty outweigh the proof of science?

Production Notes

3F (doubling/tripling)


Florence Brown/ Annie Monroe/ Brahma Black Woman. 20s.

Isha Chinnapin/ Barthi Kholi/ Pooja South Asian Woman. 20s.

Dr. May Carter/ Sarah Breedlove/ Riya Black Woman. 30s.

Commissioned by the Ensemble Studio Theater/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant

Developed with Pipeline Theater Company PlayLab


Phaedra Michelle Scott

Phaedra Michelle Scott is a screenwriter and playwright based in New York City. She is a recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant for her play Good Hair, about the science of Black hair care. Her play Diaspora! was a commissioned work through Speak Easy Stages’s Boston Project. Phaedra is a past Resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm for her play Plantation Black, and is a member of the Obie-winning playwriting group, Youngblood, at Ensemble Studio Theater. She is also a member of Beehive Dramaturgy Project. Her plays have been commissioned by...[FULL BIO]