Vickie Ramirez


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Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

by Vickie Ramirez

​A Native American woman and a Black man walk into a bar taking refuge from the "die-in" protests at Grand Central over police brutality. With the pub deserted and bartender strangely absent, these two strangers have their run of the place. But as the liquor starts to flow, so do some inconvenient truths.

(Above) Tanis Parenteau as Roberta, W. Tre Davis as Troy - Glenburn 12 WP for Summer Shorts lat 59E59

Production Notes:


1M, 1F


ROBERTA LAFORME [early 30's] - Mohawk woman, professional

TROY DAVIS [mid 20's] - African American man, hipster

Summer Shorts at 59E59 Production:

Directed by Kel Haney

Roberta LaForme - Tanis Parenteau

Troy Davis - W. Tré Davis

"The meat comes in the middle: ... you get a politically charged conversation with wit, intelligence and a perceptiveness about what it's like to be a person of color in this country today." - Raven Snook, Time Out New York

" favorite play of the night, the characters' lives are rooted in desire as well – a desire to be more than the stereotypes their identities afford them." - Arpita Mukherjee, Stage Buddy


Vickie Ramirez (Tuscarora): is an alumna of the Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group 2009, and a founding member of Chukalokoli Native Theater Ensemble and Amerinda Theater.

Her work has been previously developed and/or presented at Labyrinth Theater Company, Thunderbird Theatre, The Eagle Project, New Native Theatre, Native Voices at the Autry, The Public Theater, The Flea, Missoula Writer’s Colony, Roundabout Theater’s Different Voices Program and The 52nd Street Project. Recent productions - Glenburn 12 WP for Summer Shorts at 59E59 Theaters, Liimikin (short play) at New Native Theater and Standoff at Hwy#37 for Native Voices at the Autry in Los Angeles and South Dakota. Honors: 2009/2010 NYC Urban Artists Fellowship, 2010 NYSCA Individual Artist Award. Her work has been published in Monologues for Actors of Color: Women and Monologues for Actors of Color: Men (Routledge). Her play Standoff at Hwy#37 is featured in the all new Contemporary Plays by Women of Color (Routledge). Member... [FULL BIO]