Idris Goodwin


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by Idris Goodwin, based upon the book by Jason Reynolds

Castle Crenshaw, a.k.a. Ghost, has been running his entire life, but for all the wrong reasons. Then one day he meets Coach, an Olympic medalist who sees his unique raw talent. Can Ghost achieve the speed he needs for success, or will his past finally catch up to him?


5-7M, 2F

Production Notes:

GHOST was originally co-commissioned and produced by Nashville Children’s Theatre and Metro Theater Company, St. Louis.



Idris Goodwin

Idris Goodwin is an award winning scriptwriter, breakbeat poet, educator and director of The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. He was recently named a 2021 United States Artist Fellow. In addition to Can I Kick It?, he’s had several publications from Haymarket Books including Inauguration co written with nico wilkinson, Human Highlight: Ode To Dominique Wilkins,and the play This Is Modern Art. He’s appeared on Nickelodeon, HBO Def Poetry, Sesame Street, NPR, BBC Radio, and the Discovery Channel.  His plays include And In This Corner Cassius Clay, How We Got On,Hype Man and Jacked!...[Go to FULL BIO]

Essay by GHOST author Idris Goodwin


by Idris Goodwin
“The number of cases of children entering the foster care system due to parental drug use has more than doubled since 2000,” said the voice on the radio, and later added that a great deal of these cases were occurring in Kentucky, where I was living at the time. More specifically I was in Louisville, working as the producing artistic director of StageOne Family Theatre. I was drawn to making theater for... [READ THE FULL ESSAY HERE]
Idris Goodwin

The Playwright

Playwright, breakbeat poet, director, educator, and organizer, Idris Goodwin, talks about what inspired him to write Jacked!