Robert Lewis Vaughan

FRANKENSTEIN: A Modern Prometheus

This title is now available worldwide. The script is available in manuscript form now, while the final Acting Edition is being prepared.

FRANKENSTEIN: A Modern Prometheus

by Robert Lewis Vaughan

Full-length Drama

Mary Shelly's masterpiece novel is now fully realized in a faithful stage adaptation from the brilliant story-teller, Robert Lewis Vaughan,

With horror, humor and masterful dramatic adaptation, this Frankenstein is an adventure that will thrill and entrance your audiences with a truly engaging and revealing look at the beautiful and horrible monsters we create all around us.

Production Notes


If you have no restrictions on cast size, use as many actors as you like, do no doubling or tripling, and have as many crew members, etc., as you wish. If cast size is an issue – which it is for many professional companies, the play can be done with the following breakdown:

7 Men, 4 Women, and a Little Girl

SETTING:The Arctic. Mountains of ice surround Walton’s ship.Sails and sheets of ice part to reveal other places.The playwright suggests a mix of the real and the projected.

TIME: 1818


Robert Lewis Vaughan

ROBERT LEWIS VAUGHAN was born in Amarillo, Texas. His family moved between Amarillo, other towns in the panhandle, and so many places in Colorado all through his childhood he can’t remember how many schools he went to. At 18 Robert moved to New York City to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and he never looked back. His plays, including Praying for Rain, The Rest of the Night, and Weird Water, among others, have been produced internationally. He is now working on The Panhandle Plays, a series about the...[FULL BIO]