Jacqueline Goldfinger


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by Jacqueline Goldfinger

A techno-thriller that begins when a young woman is raped at a fraternity and ends in a future where corporations promise a new body with the swipe of a screen, CLICK follows a hacktivist named Fresh who turns industrial espionage into high art. As this virtual Banksy takes over the global imagination, the man who stole her life develops a technology that sends the two of them on a collision course at the heart of the corporate empire, where innovation comes at any cost. A cyberpunk drama for the #MeToo era, a story of trauma, transformation and reclaiming who you are.

Production notes:

CAST: 3 F, 2 M (Flexible casting 5-12+)

Trigger Warning: Reference to and discussion of sexual violence on a college campus

“Riveting…Wonderful theater…Playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger is a gift to the theater community in general and to the Philly theater community in particular. Her gift transcends her awards (Yale Drama Prize and Barrymore Award among others). It is her ability to smartly examine society from a human point of view. Her new play Click is another play that can examine, raise consciousness, and entertain....Goldfinger adds a Greek chorus that helps the audience see the fallout of the main characters’ words and actions. They manage to capture both the “crowd think” and the individuality of their characters…A great thought-provoking experience. As Fresh tells us today it is all about the click, but after the click there is no sound.” -Philadelphia Life & Culture Magazine


Jacqueline Goldfinger

Jacqueline Goldfinger (she/they) began their career as a teaching artist and dramaturg with a focus on education and new work. Their career evolved into Literary Management and Artistic Administration. Today, they are a writer, educator, and arts advocate who works nationally and internationally on performative texts which interweave humor and heartbreak, speaking to our shared humanity while honoring the nuanced identities of each character.

They are currently the Chair of the 2022 LMDA International Performing Arts Conference and will be a Presenter at this year’s LAMBDA Literary Awards.

They will be the Visiting Professor of Theatre, Head of MFA Dramaturgy at Indiana University for the 2022-23 academic year. They are an Affiliated Artist at the BMI Lehman Engel Workshop, New Georges, and the National New Play Network.

Their opera and choral libretti have been performed and broadcast around the world. Their new full-length opera, Alice Tierney, with Composer Dr. Melissa Dunphy won the Opera America Discovery Grant and the Schlichting Commission. In 2023, it will world premiere at... [FULL BIO]