Jessica Provenz


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by Jessica Provenz

Full-length comedy

Are you ready for some laughs? Soak up the good life in Boca Raton, a city that offers the fountain of youth. In this Garden of Eden, the sun always shines, the lawns are always manicured, and the weather holds steady at a perfect 75, just like Boca’s well-maintained seniors. Boca is a series of short intertwining comedies that follow a group of retirees in a fictional retirement community, the Boca Oasis, who, between rounds of golf, bridge and botox, discover the key to happiness lies within their very community.

Production Notes

Casting: 2M, 3W

“Boca is both funny and at times quite surprisingly touching... Blessedly devoid of all forms of moralizing...a la Neil Simon.”—The Wall Street Journal

“A chuckle-fest as well-constructed and skillfully executed as any episode of The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show or a Carol Burnett skit... This play is going to be done a hundred times.”—Florida Theatre On Stage

“One of the funniest plays I’ve seen.”—The Westfield News


Jessica Provenz

Productions and workshops include BOCA (Barrington Stage Company, GableStage), A Wake on Chappaquiddick (Cape Cod Theatre Project, New Georges, Irish Rep), True Art (Pioneer Theatre, Directors Company), Andromeda (Barrow Group, Berkshire Playwrights Lab), Better than Chocolate (Juilliard). Jessica received commissions from Araca Group, Killer Films and Barrington Stage. She has been a regular contributor to Berkshire Magazine and, for New York Magazine, wrote a feature about serving as Anthony Weiner’s Policy Director. A two-time recipient of the Lecomte du Nouy Award for Emerging Playwrights, she received a B.S. from Northwestern University and was Artist-in-Residence at The Juilliard ...[FULL BIO]