Inda Craig-Galván


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Full-length, Drama

Sabrina Jackson cannot cope with the death of herson by a White cop. Rather than herald the Black Lives Matter movement, Sabrina retreats inward, living out a comic book superhero fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this dream world or return to reality and mourn her loss?

Production Notes:

Setting Chicago, present. A teenage boy’s bedroom. Other “spaces” on stage as denoted.

"Make some magic. Supers. Lights. SFX. Projections. All of that. None of it. Imagination. Definitely that." -Inda

CASTING: SABRINA JACKSON aka MAASAI ANGEL, 35-40, a single Black mother. TRAMARION JACKSON, 14, a Black son. LENA EVERS, 32, Sabrina’s sister; Tramarion’s aunt. CONNIE WRIGHT aka LADY VULTURE, 35, an Asian-American news anchor. TOM BLACKMAN aka HUMAN HYENA, 40, a Black field reporter. COACH COREY BRACKETT aka DEEP THINKER, 40, a part-time coach; full-time history teacher. A Black man. FLAT JOE/JOSEPH A. HUGHES, 14, someone else’s Black son; the boy who lived. DAVE LESTER aka DEATH TAP, 40, a White cop. MICAH, the voice of Connie’s producer. Can be played by Tom or Dave. HOST, the host of Know Your Heritage game show as Tramarion imagines him. Played by Corey.

PHOTO: GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE, 2019 (L-R, Kimberly Hébert Gregory and Cedric Joe in Black Super Hero Magic Mama. Directed by Robert O'Hara. Photo credit: Jeff Lorch.)


Inda Craig-Galván

Inda Craig-Galván is a Chicagoan who lives in Los Angeles, where it’s warm. Her plays include Black Super Hero Magic Mama (Geffen Playhouse), (), I Go Somewhere Else (Playwrights’ Arena), and The Great Jheri Curl Debate (2022 world premiere, East West Players). Her play A Hit Dog Will Holler world premiered at Skylight Theatre Company in a co-production with Playwrights’ Arena and is being produced as a podcast adaptation for Raditopia Presents in 2022. Inda was recipient of the Kesselring Prize, Blue Ink Prize, Kennedy Center Rosa Parks Award, and her plays have twice been featured on the Kilroys List. Inda is also a TV writer on Demimonde, the upcoming HBO series created by JJ Abrams. MFA in Dramatic Writing, University of Southern California....[FULL BIO]

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Meet Inda Craig-Galván, author of BLACK SUPER HERO MAGIC MAMA and A HIT DOG WILL HOLLER.

Her work is raw, honest, and hilarious. Her plays explore real-world problems wrapped in the dynamic magic of the theatre. She took some time to discuss these two plays in depth and reveals the best advice she’s ever received. Read now to learn more about her process of writing this play and the importance (or necessity) of collaboration within theatre.