Ken Levine


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90 minutes, Full-length Comedy

4:05 A NOCTURNAL Comedy

by Ken Levine

Multiple characters are all awake at 4:05 one morning for different reasons — insomnia, sex, crying baby, ominous phone call, at work, anxiety. Through the course of this comedy these stories intersect. Secrets are revealed, major decisions are made, and lives change all before the sun comes up.

Production Notes:

CASTING: 9M, 7F with doubling 3M, 2F

SETTING: Bedrooms and a hotel room in Los Angeles, bedroom in Las Vegas, living room in Los Angeles, radio studio in Los Angeles. Suggestions of settings with a simple piece or two of furniture. Present day.


Ken Levine

Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/ playwright/major league baseball announcer. Full-length plays include A or B?, Going Going Gone, Our Time, Upfronts and Personal, America’s Sexiest Couple, On the Farce Day of Christmas, Smoke Gets In Your House, 4:05, and Guilty Pleasures. They’ve been performed in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout the country. His many short plays have been produced around the world and have won numerous festivals and competitions. Ken has also written over 200 episodes of television, served as head writer on MASH, producer of Cheers, consultant for Frasier, and writer and character voice on the Simpsons. He has directed over 60 TV episodes, co-wrote the Tom Hanks movie, Volunteers, and has been the play-by-play voice of the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, and San Diego Padres and hosted Dodger Talk for eight seasons. His popular podcast is Hollywood and Levine. [FULL BIO]